Multimedia presentation solutions: Talking brochures with something to say

A multimedia presentation is one of the most high impact routes towards increasing sales and closing accounts. Using CD, DVD, streaming or 3D animation, you can present prospective clients with an engaging and innovative production which delivers your message and entertains.

From company profiles to topic seminars or even a streamed video for your website, our multimedia corporate presentations have endless possible uses. Just tell us what you need and we’ll deliver a presentation tailored to your specifications.

Working with you, Montage’s creative, technical and marketing teams will produce a final product that reflects your company’s ethos and offering at its best.

Corporate presentation with a real personality
A corporate presentation can win you new clients, increase your revenue and develop long–term customer relationships, but how can you deliver an exceptional performance every time?

Montage multimedia presentations combine imagery, sound and content for an experience that is both informative and continually engaging. Employing anything from cutting edge design and professional voice artists to video and animation, we help you put on a show for your target market to enjoy.

Our presentation services offer your business the benefit of a reliable, high quality product that you can use time and again to impress and win prospective clients. You can attend each meeting confident in the knowledge that you need not remember a speech and that every point will be made with clarity and consistency.

Sales Focused
When choosing a multimedia presentation provider, you want to know that your product is in the hands of experienced marketers with a real knowledge of how to close accounts. We are sales and marketing specialists with an in–depth understanding of the requirements of a pitch.

We integrate this industry intelligence with our design and technical expertise to create a visually dynamic and effective product that offers you a great return on your investment.

Contact us to discuss your corporate presentation or to find out more about our multimedia presentation solutions.