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Viglen: Infin8te Possibilities Campaign

Our Mission

Viglen joined forces with partner Microsoft to create a marketing campaign targeted at the public sector. The campaign’s aim was to encourage those in this sector to ‘Get more out of their ICT’. It focused on identifying, in a clear and creative way, the limitless uses for Viglen’s and Microsoft’s comprehensive suite of products.

The Master Plan

Our role was to produce a highly targeted campaign that was vibrant, eye-catching and informative. Market research was conducted with end users to determine whether they required more from their current ICT structure. This led to developing a concept, which coincided with the new Windows 8.

Brainstorming sessions were held to consider the many different products and features associated with Windows 8. Montage was tasked with designing and developing a campaign, that incorporated all this information, and the ‘Infin8te’ concept was born.

Hitting the Mark

Bringing the idea to life was an embryonic process. It was important to our designers to be able to visually incorporate the endless possibilities within the graphics, to accurately represent Viglen’s and Window’s offerings and vitally, to meet branding requirements. Incorporating an attractive incentive to the campaign proved invaluable and corresponded beautifully to the graphical theme.

Mission Accomplished

All the individual creative elements complimented one another within the various media. The client was particularly happy with the increased registrations generated from the campaign. Those registrations were converted into customer visits and, in the 12 months since the campaign launch, they were subsequently transformed into wins worth £3.5 million.

"Both Viglen and Microsoft were very happy with the overall results of the campaign which exceeded client expectations in terms of creativity, delivery, project liaison and concept. Montage continues to work closely with Viglen across their suite of online and offline marketing materials and projects."

Marketing Manager

Our Secret Weapons:

This project combined a variety of our agency skills, including:
  • Concept design
  • Creative Ideas
  • Web design and development
  • eShot design and development
  • Lead Generation
  • Incentive Management