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Our Mission

le– International Group Limited ("le–iG") is a pioneering force in the shipping and delivery industry, using cutting edge technology to drive forward the process of transporting goods in the twenty–first century. le–iG has an extensive level of expertise in logistics which, in collaboration with the experience and proven technology of their partner companies, allows them to develop a range of groundbreaking innovative products.

The Master Plan

Our task was to produce a brand and a corporate brochure which not only looked very professional, but which clearly set out iBEES services and offerings.

Following detailed briefing from the client our designers began working on concepts for the iBEES corporate identity. The logo needed to be created so that it was able to sit as a standalone on pallets for branding purposes.

Hitting the Mark

We created concepts using their existing bright company colours to produce a logo that serves as a standalone and a corporate identity. Once the logo was produced a corporate PDF brochure was created which followed the new style branding guidelines.

Mission Accomplished

Since the logo and brochure were completed, le has been able to communicate effectively with their clients and promote their business. Following the success of the brand and brochure the client commissioned Montage to design and develop their forthcoming company websites.

"Montage were able to deliver our exact requirements on budget and to a very tight deadline."


Our Secret Weapons:

So, what tools did we use to complete our mission?
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Creative ideas
  • Corporate Identity
  • Brochure design and layout