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Our Mission

Crown Hospitality is a catering and event planning company based in West London. Whether you are looking to hold your wedding party, corporate event or special birthday/anniversary Crown Hospitality are able to ensure that all your needs are catered for.

Crown Hospitality is associated with Days Hotel South Ruislip which enables a complete package from venue location to accommodation all under one roof.

Montage was approached by Crown Hospitality to create a brand which would enable them to use in conjunction with Days Hotel. Once we had met with the client a detailed plan and structure was produced for each element of the re–brand creation and development process.

The Master Plan

A considerable time was spent with the client on the initial planning and understanding the specific requirements of the project.

From the planning we envisaged a brand with a high–end finish which would represent the quality and passion Crown Hospitality delivers in all their events. This brand would then evolve into the planned website and future service brochure.

Hitting the Mark

With our combined knowledge and creative talent we began developing the Crown Hospitality website that utilises the ever so popular content managed software called Joomla, which allows the client full access to make any changes as and when required.

Following the success of the website we created a service brochure with a stylish format underlining the high-end hospitality service. This along with eMarketing and advertisements were created and used within a structured marketing plan.

Mission Accomplished

Through the success of the marketing for Crown Hospitality we have gone onto design and develop a new website, advertisements and further eMarketing campaigns for Days Hotel.

The success of the marketing collateral for Days Hotel and Crown Hospitality has allowed their identity and brand to become stronger than before. The booking figures and general enquiries speak volumes. The marketing collateral is now on an equal par with the level of services, professional approach and excellent reputation of the staff and services available when staying at the Days Hotel or holding an event with Crown Hospitality.

"Montage have been instrumental in helping us portray our desired look and feel through our brand and marketing. They are an asset to our companies marketing team."

Marketing Director

Our Secret Weapons:

The tools that were used to complete our mission?
  • Brand creation
  • Creative ideas
  • Concept design
  • Graphic design
  • Brochure design and layout
  • Print
  • Marketing expertise
  • Website design and development
  • eMarketing